Do you wear Hi-cut panties?

Firstly we should receoginze what's the hi-cut panties? The definition is simple and clear, hi-cut panties means a panty which cuted high over the thigh and sides but with total back cerage.I think it is easy for us to understand.

The designs of hi-cut panties is varies such as printed, embroidery and laces etc, which expressing the feminine charactersitstic, I think you like it because it is good choice for you to match your outpant.

What's your opinion on this topic?


lingerie fashion bring us new energy

Lingerie fashion bring us new energy when we feel dull,we can enjoy it and love fashion trend, then make a little change for our original cloth matching.Famous lingerie labels continue to give us tips on how to choose your own designer.Below pictures show us and prove us this point of view.
white lingerie set

lingerie designer

corset make you sexy

lingerie boutique

nude wear

shunshine color lingerie


what's your favor style for beach wear?

In the Summer, hot weather push us to enjoy the soft and lovely water travelling.Don't forget to bring fabulous designed swimwear to start our journey with imagination,how lovely and sexy girl in fashion beach wear we will be? How many guys will give us their glimpse at our nice figure? How confident we will be and shining under the big sun and sea? Compare to the blue water, we are the topics,if you don't believe it, here we come!

fashion lingerie set

sexy lingerie

garter belt

fashion women
fashion beachwear

red lingerie
sexy sock

fashion cloth match


We talk about lingerie trend for ss 2012

In the middle of 2011,I am anticipating to know the lingerie trend for Spring and summer of 2012. I dare to take some pictures as examples to show some tips, I hope you can enjoy it with me and comment your idea.
lovely babydoll
 lingerie in pink bring us energy and feeling of spring and lovely sensation, what's your opinion on the lingerie color?
wedding lingerie
white is representative for pure and elegant in the formal moment of our life, I think you agree with this!

lingerie trend
 Fashion never leave us without black and white matching, because it is always the classic tips for all fashion designs.
lingerie brands
 Famous lingerie brands seize the secrete of females' life by deeply analyzing about their sensation.
lingerie fashion
 Find a theme of your life will be good start to know your main tops or bottoms.
men's bottom
 Men's pants will be the hot topics since 2012, we will look at its new face.
famous lingerie
 Spring never leave green color, we should attach the clear and sunshine characteristics to our underwear and figure out how to choose suitable lingerie for ourselves to express the function of spring and summer---
lingerie rock you
Purple lingerie make us feel the rock factor in our placid life, we should be live with changes---
what's your point on lingerie trend of 2012?


High-end Luxury lingerie designs

There are many brands standing for the pride of sophisticated, luxury and fashion, there is also a “Rolls-Royce car” running with carrying fashion and luxury… “She” is La Perla lingerie design, Victorisa secret etc. She gives us beautiful imagination for our bra, our pants, our corset and our body beauty.

fashion design

fashion designers

lingerie brands

fashion lingerie

lingerie pics


Let's enjoy the swimwear design from 2011 siuf show

China lingerie fair

international trade in china

 lingerie trends

international underwear fair

lingerie fair

                                    lingerie fair
                                 China lingerie design
China designer


The Sixth SIUF: A Flying Platform for China’s Underwear Industry

The 6th SIUF launched underwear fashion trends with the amazing lights and wonderful music on May 21st. Let's enjoy its fabulous china lingerie label from below lingerie gallery.
lingerie b2b

fashion lingerie

famous lingerie

Big surprise at Chinese lingerie show SIUF

The latest reports about Chinese lingerie show SIUF, there are fabulous moment we kept in our mind, now sharing with you guys!
men's pants model at China lingerie show
This modal looks like the Chinese famous star TIANLE GU, who had a T performance for a local men's pants label, attracting many girls with nice whistle.

His front side is not so handsome than his side profile I think.


The strength, weakness of lingerie b2b platforms you should know

Author: Shella mao    5/19/2011
There are substantial of b2b services for the manufactures and companies in China, the big labels includes alibaba, globalsource and made in China etc. While as a lingerie factory with hope of developing abroad market, which one is your first choice? What’s the strength and weakness of these b2b platforms? Which one is suitable for your lingerie products? You need to pay much attention to these on line advertisement media. We can’t deny that alibaba, globalsource and made in China are famous but they are also wide ranged and not professional for lingerie products. What you need to choose is a qualified, professional, good advertisement effect platform I think. Now I recommend one for you, you can put it into a trial firstly, especially for those website who use long tail keywords for its search engine optimization.You should pay much attention to it.

Globalintimate is a professional lingerie b2b site in China, which support free member service you with more than 60 thousand worldwide underwear buyers.
You can enjoy the service just by registering free before September, 2011. They are doing the best to recollecting, adjusting & updating the global underwear industrial resources to provide good on line and off line service with solutions in full aspects to become the globalized first-class underwear service platform!

They are characteristics of rich Experience, Background, Resource, Professional technology, lingerie customer service, other Chinese media, together with qualified visitors from global lingerie industry chain, they even give you detail lingerie keywords, products category keywords and company type editing guidance, which is crucial for lingerie company to attract the search engine to rank your website in good position and enhance the opportunity for the buyers to find out you as soon as possible.

The wisdom choice will be half success! Start to do some study about the b2b platforms, master what kind of SEO tips or on line marketing strategy they adopted and use. please believe that you will benefit from it.


lingerie buyers search

Author: Shellamao     Edit date:5/05/11
Working as a market specialist for a period, I find a lot of lingerie factories is confused about the habit of the underwear buyers. some lingerie brands book advertisement or google adwords promotion at big cost to develop their market, but they are confusing---Today, I want to write simple principles for you to follow, then you will find the ways in front of you is clear more than ever.

Firstly, it's keywords searching.

As a seller or manufacture, you need to master the market strategy of buyers or purchasers,which is essential for your business successful.For example, what if you will find a lingerie manufacture in China as a lingerie buyer? How could I do? At first, I think you need to find out your keywords of your products: what's your products? what's the function of it? what price you can accept? Which country you will purchase from? After you make out all of these factors, then you will match some products keywords with "buy","cheap","purchase","book" etc act words instead of writing one product words in search engine or some professional lingerie b2b search column.It would be difficult to target your scope if the keywords you used is just big as"lingerie", you need to find detail keywords such as" cheap bra seamless in China" etc.

Second, it is category search.

You need to figure out what's category of your products belong to? The sourcing manager will find out the target products type in professional b2b site to collect the similar products list, then they pick out the company they need! Your products need to own accurate and clear category. Some of you join lingerie b2b membership, but your products's category is vague in one category, in this case your products will lose opportunity to displaying frequently when the buyers search!I have done my best to require the registered company to correct their category but most of them take it as granted and ignore my words.

Third, find a good SEO engineer, pay much attention to your website building and update work!

It is really important for the factory or manufactures which have strong products capacity!

Fourth, register your lingerie product in free and professional lingerie b2b site as much as possible. The b2b site who at the beginning will pay much attention to their site promotion with professional media which will bring you good value at zero cost!

From now on, follow what I said immediately and insist everyday, I believe you will get a lot!

I hope above there can give you some tips.


The style lingerie designs which I love best.

I reviewed many lingerie designs and advertisement banners, but below three are my first love I think, I can't help to enjoy them with you!I think they bring me inspiration and happiness.

What's your opinion about these lingerie designs? I should thank you for those people who share it in internet.

The first International Homewear Designer Forum held in Guangzhou

During the first International famous lingerie Designer Forum held in Guangzhou on April 20th, Ms Christen made an impressive speech on how to understand the fashion trends, the development, design and prospects of homewear, and the trend of intimatewear for Spring/Summer 2012.


HK lingerie mode

More than 170 international exhibitors in this lingerie trade fairs showed a wide range of good-quality underwear and swimwear products, such as fiber, fabrics, laces, embroideries, elastics, straps, trims, components, accessories, and new technologies. Exhibitors all showed some new special products based on this year’s topic of “Green”.

Here comes some pictures!


Get some tips from lingerie interviews if you want to open a lingerie shop

As a lingerie lover I would like to do some small lingerie business one day but not today maybe, I always heard some friends asked:" what kind of business you think it have big profit?"I want to say no business leave big space for you to develop but you need to do your best to find which one is suitable for you to operate and earn a lot from others' experience, put other's skills into practice to get the result weather it is ok for you. Such as lingerie shop, whatever it is actual shop or visual shop in internet, firstly you should find out examples, maybe in same country, same city, you tell yourself to master the initial steps before you open your formal lingerie shop, you can get some tips from others experience, here comes! Find out it and read it.


Enjoy nice lingerie collection

Sometimes the surest way to success is to take things slowly, one step at a time. Just ask Michelle Taylor.
Long before she was leading one of the UK’s hottest new luxury lingerie brands, Taylor had a business plan to get her there. Now, barely a year after launching her glamorous lingerie label Tallulah Love, Taylor is quite literally taking on the world.