内衣 美丽的传说: Will Lingerie Group Buying Website be a Billion-RM...

内衣 美丽的传说: Will Lingerie Group Buying Website be a Billion-RM...: "Purchasing a 369RMB Triumph bra for only 79RMB? No, you are not daydreaming. You can get an unbelievable good deal by making purchases tog..."

Will Lingerie Group Buying Website be a Billion-RMB Business?

Purchasing a 369RMB Triumph bra for only 79RMB? No, you are not daydreaming. You can get an unbelievable good deal by making purchases together in a new breed of “group buying” websites in China now.
In recent days, “group buying” is the hottest keyword that is referred on TV, radio and our circle of friends. It has become the most popular way of shopping in China that attracts a large group of buyers each day for a good deal. This sales strategy has proven to be the most successful shopping strategy in China that connects strangers over the internet to purchase the same item. In this way, the shoppers can benefit by paying less while the business benefits by selling multiple items at once.
Nytuan.com is one of these group-buying websites while different from them, because it is only dedicated to provide lingerie for consumers. Since April 2, 2010, Nytuan.com has offered over 14 deals for consumers. The most popular deal has attracted 581 consumers to buy. And the number of consumer is climbing upward.
Will lingerie group buying website be another new distribution channels? Will it place impact to the common B2C lingerie websites or even replace them?
The Origin of Group Buying
Group buying is not a new concept in China. In the past time, people conducted group buying offline which is limited in the circle of their friends. So it is usually hard to successfully bind a lot of people together. To arrange a team is much time-consuming that few people bother to do it although they may get a sound discount from it.
As a matter of fact, people in China like face-to-face bargain, which is actually a way of life in China. Shoppers can get pleasure and proud from a tough bargain and feel more secure if they touch or test the product themselves. This is also one of the reasons why regular online shopping develops relatively slowly in China.
Many shoppers prefer to cash-on-delivery because of a crisis of trust and honesty. Although they have realized the convenient of online shopping, but they still not really trust the online sellers. “To join forces with other team buyers in the group buying website with a large group of registered members will not only give them a good price but also a trust. “said Ouyang Jixing, deputy director of www.020tgw.com, a team-buying Web site in Guangzhou.” The aim of our website is to bring together distributors of branded goods with potential customers and earn commissions from successful team buys. “
Thanks to the rise of social media and platforms which make sharing content much easier than before. To group up a large amount of consumers online becomes possible in a short time.  Who doesn’t want to share a deal that is too good to be true with friends? The really good deals spread like wildfire through social networks and via the huge range of sharing in Groupon.

As the group buying website Groupon become more and more popular in America, Chinese businessmen begin to aware this market and imitate the operating model of Groupon--the website is 100% free for registration. People can get an e-mail from Groupon about the daily coupon available in your located city after becoming a registered member. Groupon is just like an organizer/agent that finds a certain amount of customers and then, approaches a merchant or seller with a proposal. The offer is good for one day and only valid if a minimum number of people sign up and agree to pay for the coupon in advance. Now, this popular group buying website has over 285,000 registered users.
Is everybody a winner in the game of group buying?
To the consumers, they can benefit from a steep discount from the group buying website.
To the company who giving out a deep discount, they can gain interest from volume, not margin. And also, this is a kind of low cost promotional campaign, which is even more effective than giving out free testing for introducing a new brand/ product or dispose of off-season products. In addition, people with coupons may come back next time paying full price or even bring friends with them if they applause it.
To the group buying website, they can gain commissions from the sales. And the biggest winner so far in this game is apparently Groupon, which had net gross sales of $35 million last year and expects that will rise to $400 million this year. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason revealed in an interview that the company will focused on increasing the number of cities to 100 by the end of this year.
Groupon’s success has attracted a large number of copycats. According to China’s Internet Group Buying Survey 2010, there are over one thousand clones that have popped up recently in China. Meituan.com is the pioneer in this industry. Taobao.com, Asian biggest B2B platform, also follows this trend by introducing a group buying channel, called “Ju Hua Suang” meaning getting to gather to reach the best deal, on its website in March this year.
Now, some leading group buying websites, like Meituan.com, Lashou.com, Ayatuan.com and Manzuo.com, have successfully attracted millions of venture capital investment to help grow their business. But whether they can develop well in the long term is still waiting to see.
Opportunities of Lingerie Group Buying Website
Although, thousands and millions of people have joined in the group buying trends, some people still concern about the security and quality.
Some revealed that they do want to try group buying, but the range of choice is either too wide or too limited that they cannot find what they want from these websites. For example, if a people want to buy lingerie in a group buying website, she has to wait for a long time. When she finally found a lingerie deal available on the website, it may probably not the very style for her. So, a special group buying website which provides a specific kind of products, such as lingerie, comes up in the market

Can Lingerie Group Buying Website Success?
Nytuan.com is the first group buying website that dedicated to provide only lingerie deals in China. It mainly offers European style lingerie with 50% to 90% discount.
Nytuan.com claimed that their product quality is assured because all of them are made in China’s exporting manufacturers which export high quality products to Europe and America. And the lingerie style is mainly sexy, luxury and mature.
All deals should be prepaid via Alipay(Something like Paypal) in Nytuan.com. The website said that consumers can ask for exchange if the size and fitting is not suitable. Refund is also allowed if the quality is not good enough. But the transportation expenses should be on consumers.
Usually, each deal in Nytuan.com last for 3 to 7 days. And 2 deals are allowed to be available at the same time in a certain period on the website.
They also said that Nytuan.com’s development plan is to cover the website service in more and more cities in China. In order to grow rapidly, they also hope to attract venture capital investment from capital market (to list on Nasdaq is their goal).


内衣 美丽的传说: The Sixth Shanghai International Lingerie Fair to ...

内衣 美丽的传说: The Sixth Shanghai International Lingerie Fair to ...: "The sixth Shanghai international fashion lingerie fair will be unveiled in Shanghai exhibition center on October 19th-20th 2010. The fair ..."

The Sixth Shanghai International Lingerie Fair to Be Unveiled

The sixth Shanghai international fashion lingerie fair will be unveiled in Shanghai exhibition center on October 19th-20th 2010.

The fair will attract numerous lingerie manufactures from all around the world and its exhibition scale, exhibitors, products also will overstep the history. Up to now, 2010 Shanghai international fashion lingerie  fair exhibition areas have closed to 10,000 square meters rising over 26%. 175 eminent lingerie exhibitors from 17 countries even including the 63 new manufatures from the global PLAVE MAITEX SPA, CHANTY LACE, EUROPEAN STRETCH FABRICS, SIMPLEX KNITTING, CONFECCIONES REVIC, MACPI(HK) LIMITED, TAUBERT TEXTILE GMBH, ABEL(ASIA PACIFIC) LTD and so on.


内衣 美丽的传说: Lingerie gives me tips

内衣 美丽的传说: Lingerie gives me tips: "Before I enter into this industry, I am innocent of underwear, in my mind, it is just a life needs for the female. Now stand at the front do..."

Lingerie gives me tips

Before I enter into this industry, I am innocent of underwear, in my mind, it is just a life needs for the female.
Now stand at the front door of lingerie industry, I find out lingerie industry is not only a part of cloths industry, it is not just for women to protect their breast, the most important is lingerie industry is a fashion trendy leader, it teach me to learn more about life new fresh theme, to love our life, to open mind for any modern exist not just refuse, to enjoy good design with wisdom insight, to cherish our body by choose a good way. Thanks a lot, in my 29 years, it is not too late!

I would like to say

Sun rise from eastern side everyday
Stars disapear from our life
We ignore them by cold backbone
We know it is lack of human face
We extend out hands
Only for wealth, development

where is the sincerity exist?


Men's Underwear in China

According to the Global Underwear Market Report 2010 compiled by Hamburg-based market research firm yStats.com, "Men's Underwear" was the top growing US apparel category, reaching a growth of +11%.
Nowadays, in European and America, men are so lucky that they have a wider range of choices in every color and various materials, from cotton, to chiffon, to luxurious silk, to eco-friendly fabric. In a sense, they have become like women that can show personal style by wearing creative, individualistic and aesthetic apparels and underwear.
However, in China, men’s underwear is all about copying and boring. Copy and counterfeit are very serious problems in Chinese market.
As a matter of fact, most lingerie companies in China embrace short-sight strategy. Many earn profit from manufacture while few put efforts on designing innovative products and building brands awareness. So, there is little original design. Even there is, the design is not as diverse and thriving as women’s lingerie, just with boring color and simple pattern.
And it is not just the style, it's the fabric too - everything from nylon and lycra to pima cotton and microfiber. Men need these small things to take care of their health and crucial part. There is nothing closer to you than your underwear.
So, it is obvious that this neglected market segment has great opportunities as Chinese men no longer content to wear plain and low quality underwear but look for smart and comfortable ones.